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A Community-Based Not-for-Profit Cooperative

In 2011, Centre Wakefield La Pêche cooperative officially opened the doors of its new building

to the public. It represented the culmination of  over 10 years of dedication by a small group of

volunteers. The tenacity and commitment of these individuals along with other community

groups established the CWLP Cooperative. Financial support by federal, provincial, and local

governments, and generous donations from local businesses and individuals, resulted in the

building which continues to offer services to the local community.

In May 2022, we, the CWLP cooperative celebrated our 10th anniversary. To date, we have

offered over hundreds of performances and provided a wide range of bilingual programs, workshops and youth camps to hundreds of people. Time to celebrate our many successes and to breathe a sigh of relief after the COVID pandemic. Check out highlights from the past 10 years in our virtual hall.

Today, the CWLP building is a local hub for arts, culture, and recreation. for residents across the

Municipality of La Pêche and region.

CWLP Vision and Mission

Vision: To offer a secure and sustainable community space for arts, culture and recreation that

welcomes and inspires people of all ages.

Mission: to provide high quality arts, cultural and recreational programs and events for all in a

sustainable manner.

Our Members

The 2023 CWLP cooperative boasts over 2000 members of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Members both participate in the CWLP’s programs and events and assist staff in their design

and delivery. For more information on membership including benefits, fees, and opportunities

to volunteer, visit Memberships.

In 2023-2024, the CWLP has introduced member engagement sessions (in-person and virtual).

Engagement with members is an opportunity for staff and members to create new and

innovative offerings, to exchange ideas on improving services and to understand how to reach

under-served residents of the La Pêche community. The sessions are also an opportunity to

welcome new members to the CWLP cooperative.

Our Services and Activities

The CWLP building is a magnificent arts, culture, and recreation venue. The building hosts

seasonal recreational programming, bilingual summer camps, and a wide variety of artistic

presentations including live theatre, music, films, and festivals.

The extended CWLP facility includes the building itself a 200 seat performance space, equipped with removable seating (risers); professional lighting and sound; a licensed bar; a commercial kitchen; and a library. It also includes an outdoor ice rink and skate park. The facility is adjacent to a public playground and soccer field maintained by the Municipality of La Pêche.

Our staff work closely with event organizers to create meaningful events and productive


The CWLP facility was designed to accommodate the diverse needs of its four founding

partners: Biblio Wakefield Library, Theatre Wakefield, The WAY (Wakefield Activities for

Youth), and the Wakefield Recreation Association. It is also home to Cinema Wakefield,

Wakefield Community Dish Lending Library, Wakefield Farmer’s Market, and Wakefield Golden

Age Club.

To find out more visit What’s Happening?

We acknowledge, recognize, and respect that we live, work, learn and play within the traditional unceded, unsurrendered territory of the  Anishinaabe Algonquin People.  


Phone: 819 459 2025


38 ch de la Vallée de Wakefield

Wakefield, Quebec J0X 3G0

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