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The CWLP cooperative is a chartered Quebec cooperative founded in 2011 by volunteers and organizations with the vision to create and maintain a space of arts, culture and recreation that serves to welcome and inspire people of all ages. 

As a cooperative, we are a member-owned and democratically controlled social enterprise (business). Members exercise control directly by voting at membership meetings, and indirectly through the election of a Board of Directors. Members are also encouraged to make a difference by contributing event and programming ideas as well as volunteering in its operations and governance.

Member interests shape the kind of events, programs, and activities held at the center. Our staff and volunteers work hard to design and support entertaining and meaningful CWLP events – especially showcasing local artists. While anyone can attend an event, you must be a member to participate in our programs, workshops, and member engagement events.

To become a member, individuals purchase two (2) social shares ($10 per share) and agree to the terms and conditions of membership which set out your rights and responsibilities as a member in addition to the cooperative’s obligation to you. Good news - your membership is for life!

Finally, as per Quebec’s Charter for cooperatives, your name will be submitted to the Board of Directors to acknowledge and approve your membership. Soon after you will receive an acknowledge from the President welcoming you to the CWLP Cooperative. 

Already a member? Watch for an email from us this fall to update your membership profile and refresh your CWLP membership with our updated terms and conditions.

Still have questions? Contact us

We acknowledge, recognize, and respect that we live, work, learn and play within the traditional unceded, unsurrendered territory of the  Anishinaabe Algonquin People.  


Phone: 819 459 2025


38 ch de la Vallée de Wakefield

Wakefield, Quebec J0X 3G0

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